Turunc (pronounced Turunch) is a beautiful Mediterranean fishing and farming village, which has developed over the years to become a relaxed family holiday location, whilst still retaining much of its rural character.  New properties sit comfortably around the older rustic  village houses.  The area is wonderful for walking, but if it is too hot it is also wonderful to just sit and look at!

Its name is taken from the Turunc oranges used to make marmalade which grow all around the village.  The scent of the orange blossom when the trees are in flower is heavenly. Every street boasts oranges, olives, figs and palms, which provide welcome shade in the Summer.  (The trees in our garden at Villa Gaea have so far given us  pomegranate and bananas, oranges and one glorious lemon!)

The small harbour front offers boat trips to beautiful local bays or further afield, a regular water taxi to the historic town of Marmaris  and trips to the Marmaris nightlife.  You might like to book your trips at the quayside direct with our friends who run trips on their lovely boats, or ask our agents to take care of every detail.

A long, clean beach with loungers and parasols, safe swimming and an opportunity to snorkel amongst the fishes, is complemented by friendly sea-front bars and restaurants, serving cold drinks and fabulous food.
Local specialities include "pide" - a pizza type dish, topped with meat, cheese or any number of different toppings,  "pancakes" - a very thinly rolled bread filled and cooked in a wood fired oven (we love spinach and cheese, which is a bit spicy, or honey and banana).  The fish is generally excellent, kebabs also. The casseroles are delicious as are the mezes.......
Many of the friendly locals speak excellent English, but will happily help and encourage any attempts you make at speaking Turkish!

Local shops and Supermarkets are able to supply all your basic day to day needs, and in addition there is an excellent pharmacist.  There are plenty of souvenir shops offering traditional Turkish crafts, waterpipes, and Turkish Delight or bargain priced "designer" handbags, sunglasses, clothes and watches.  There are plenty of places to exchange currency (Chefs Supermarket for example.)  Also look out for the regular market every Monday.  Prices are generally pretty good, with just a little space for gentle haggling!  

A particular speciality you might like to try is the local honey.  The three generally sold types are pine (slightly tastes of resin and is utterly delicious), flower (sweet and fragrant) and thyme (slightly medicinal, good for sore throats and also tastes really good)!

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